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The beaches of Kerala and Goa: Varkala

As previously promised, I will be posting a series about the beaches of Kerala and Goa.
I already posted a picture taken from the North Cliff of Varkala, located in the state of Kerala, in my last post but I thought I'd give you some more eye candy since this really is a beautiful strip of sand.


As always...
How can you reach it? The train station of Varkala, has several connections to other South Indian cities like Kochi, Trivandrum or Kollam. I recommend you to take a rickshaw to get from the train station to the cliff, because it is quiet a distance. (around 30 to 40 minutes to the North Cliff, South Cliff is a bit less, also depending on your walking pace). Ask the driver to bring you to the heli pad, then when facing the sea go right for the North Cliff and left for the South Cliff.

What makes it special?
One word: The atmosphere! It is a touristy place, indeed, but there of course is a reason for it. The Cliffs are just plain beautiful, and the atmosphere is very laid-back and relaxed. Varkala attracts a lot of "hippies" who just want to chill all day long, read a book and lie in their hammock.


The downside? Where there is light, there must be shadow... Especially during Monsoon Season, when you can't always go into the sea because the current is so strong, threre is not a lot to do in this small town. Of course Yoga and Arjurvedic Treatments are offered around every courner, but in my opinion they were nothing to write home about. Maybe it was just bad luck though...

Where to stay? There are all categories of places to stay, just walk around a bit and have a look about some different options. I'm sure everybody will find something suitable for his/her wallet and desired comfort. Oh and by the way, there are also some nice restaurants located on the cliff, the picture below was taken during dinner as well.


My recommendation:
I'd say Varkala is definetly a MUST! I have not seen equally picturesque scenery very often. Stay 2-3 days, relax (maybe from an exhausting train journey) and enjoy the incredible beauty of nature. If you get bored easily, there are things you can do like taking a walk to Varkala town, maybe for lunch or dinner since food is a lot cheaper and more authentic in the town.
Don't expect a lot of nightlife going on in low season, since restaurants are selling alcohol without licences and the only two bars close early.

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