Samstag, 21. Juli 2012

Sarah Macdonald: Holy Cow - An Indian Adventure

I read this book while travelling trough India last year. There are very few books I'm really impressed with and this book is not one of those. This said at the beginning...
You might wonder: Why are you writing about it then?


What I like about it:
I apreciate that this book presents the main religions that are prominent in India and gives a small insight to them. There are far more religions in India than Hinduism and Islam. Religions one might even have never heared about.

What I don't really like :
I don't really like the language used because it is written in very simple, colloquial English. I often prefere books written in a very beautiful, carefully selected language. But this is just me... The book reflects the experience of the author and is a little bit judgemental at times. (but hey, opions are always subjective)

I took this picture from amazon, click on the link to get to their website. 

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