Montag, 6. August 2012

Cherai Beach - Kerala

This very long (10km) beach is located about 25km from Cochin (Kochi) on Vypin Island.
The biggest advantage, if you ask me, is it's proximity to the beautiful old colonial town of Fort Cochi, an absolute MUST SEE when visiting Kerala.

1How can you reach Cherai Beach?
Take a ferry to Vypin Island, then a rickshaw to Cherai Beach. Ferrys to Vypin depart from Ernakulum and Fort Cochi. Getting from the port of Vypin to the beach takes about 40 minutes.

there is not that much to say about this beach. It is a fairly clean for Indian standards, you can swim, it is a nice beach. There are not (palm) trees directly on the beach, so do not forget to bring sun screen and a hat to protect yourself from the sun.

Some parts of the beach are kind of lonely, with just very few people, wheras some parts are really crowded. The crowded part is especially near the restaurants and little food stalls. Especially during festivals like Onam this is a popular place for Indian tourists. The later it gets, the more crowded. Although the beach is so long, I there were very few hotels and restaurants there. I immagine this place to get absoulutly quiet at night, don't expect any nightlife!!!

2bMy recommendation: I recommend to stay in the beautiful colonial city of Fort Cochin (Fort Kochi) and make a day trip to Cherai beach. Fort Cochin offers all kinds of accomodation, ranging from cheap hostels to 5* hotels. Same with restaurants: some of the most fancy restaurants of Kerala are situated in Fort Chochin.

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