Sonntag, 5. August 2012

Andreas Altmann: Reise durch einen einsamen Kontinent

Let me share with you another book I can recommend! This is a real love-hate-relationship, because I really honestly love some parts of this book and I do absolutly not agree with some other parts.
First of all I'm sad I have to say that this book, until now at least, has not been translated into any other languages and therefore is just available in German. But since a fair share of my readers are German, I thought I'd post it anyway.

What I liked about the book:
It is very inspirational, easy to read and contains some interesting stories and information about Colombia, Ecuador, Perú and Chile.

What I did not like:
I would have wished for a more poetic, even sophisticated language at times. Some topics or places, that in my opinion are very interesting, have been held a bit shortly. Visiting a city of 9 Million in 3 days - possible but I bet you won't be able to see everything.

This is a book for all kinds of people. It is written in a rather simple language, don't expect it to enrich your life like books from some Nobel Prize winners do. It will certainly entertain you and it is definetly not boring at all!

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