Montag, 10. September 2012


I promised to reveal where I will be moving in 5 days: Lincoln, located in England and capital of the region Lincolnshire.

Lincoln is a rather small city, with little over 80.000 inhabitants and a stunningly beautiful cathedral.
Thought I'd give you a brief overview about Lincoln now, but stay definetly tuned for the occasional update once I have settled in.

How to get there?
Unfortunately since Lincoln is rather small, there are not a lot of airlines that serve the three nearest airports: Robin Hood Airport, Humberside Airport and East Midlands Airport. You can get there fast and easily by taking a train from London's Kings Cross train station, although prices vary a lot and train tickets can get quiet expensive. The fastest connection takes little over two hours with one change in the nearby town of Newark. Taking the National Express (bus) is far less expensive but it also takes a lot longer, between 4:50 and 5:30 hours.

The Cathedral Quarter is quiet nice and the cathedral itself of course. Apart from that, there is a castle and apparently the anual Christmas Market is said to be a highlight but since I’ve visited in August I did not have a chance to see it for myself. But I am very much looking forward to the Christmas Market this winter.

For a town being so small, I was quiet surprised of how expensive accommodation is. However, there is a large variety of Bed and Breakfasts to chose from and also some upscale hotels, but a youth hostel is nowhere to be found. (prices from 40 Pounds for a double room with ensuite bathroom)

My recommendation:
If you are already near Lincoln, or very interested in catholic cathedrals it is definetly worth visition for a day. Anyways, I assume it would be a good starting point for excursions to the British countryside. I have just been there for a few days, but since I will live there fore nearly one year, be sure there will be a lot more recommentations to come!
If you are hungry, try the Italian restaurant Pomodoro e Basilico (12-13 Guildhall Street) near the Waterside Shopping Mall. It is delicious and excellent value for money, especially their lunch deals.

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  1. Last year I went visiting Lincoln and I liked it! It's a small and pretty town! Ant the cathedral is beautiful, too :))